Flipped Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography

For my annotated bibliography, I focused my research on the flipped classroom model.  Choosing a research topic was more difficult that I thought because I am also interested in 1:1 computing, blended learning, and problem-based learning.  Additionally, I learned a great deal about flipped and blended learning at the iNACOL conference in Orlando, FL last November, so I already had a bit of background knowledge to inspire my research.  (It was the iNACOL conference that inspired my decision to get my master’s degree in Educational Technology, after all.) After some research into all of the topics, I settled on the flipped classroom because I found its implementation and methodology to be most interesting and comprehensively covered in Google Scholar and Albertson’s Library database. 

During my research, I found 5 articles, each having its own merits, that outlined the method technology-supported instruction.  The majority of the articles focus on implementing the pedagogy and other best practices, but some focus on the learning theory that contributed to its popularity and how to implement an instructional module for teachers interested in implementing the flipped classroom model.  One of the most interesting articles related to a professor’s use of the flipped classroom in an upper level history class.  He used a “half-flipped” approach to supplement and enhance his face-to-face lecture time.  As a history professor, lecture was a large part of his course, though the flipped classroom advocates for other instructional practices, so he found a way to keep his lecture time and incorporate some collaborative activities in out-of-class online sessions.  He presented primary sources for students to discuss in peer-to-peer interactions as well as instructor-to-student interactions.  Overall, the “half-flipped” approach worked well and encouraged students to use critical thinking skills in collaboration with their peers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.44.52 PM

As you can see, I couldn’t make up my mind.  I found a lot of awesome sources for the flipped classroom and other technology-supported instruction. 🙂

Research aside, this was my first experience with APA.  I have worked with MLA since high school, and I felt a little bit like I was betraying a childhood friend.  That said, I think I executed the style well, though I found myself drifting back and forth in my in-text citations. I look forward to learning more about the formatting style throughout my graduate school experience. This assignment was also my first experience with Zotero.  I absolutely love this resource.  The idea of making a playlist of research references is genius!  (Why didn’t I think of that??)


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