School Evaluation Summary

As an online instructor, I was initially concerned about this assignment.  How am I supposed to evaluate my school’s technology use when all my school is is technology?  I was worried that if I evaluated my non-traditional school that I would not get the full effect of the assignment.  After investigating the assignment more, I decided to evaluate a local school that I admire because of their dedication to outstanding academic achievement through technology integration.  I knew this school would be on the advanced side of the Maturity Model Benchmarks but I was not sure how advanced it was.  This assignment required me to analyze the school’s technology use and policy by ranking school behavior and resource/infrastructure into the stages of maturity outlined below.

  1. Emergent Stage
  2. Islands Stage
  3. Integrated Stage
  4. Intellectual Stage

Despite my chosen school being seated firmly in either the Integrated or Intellectual stage consistently (Not going to lie… I looked for ways to throw a wrench in this consistency), I found that students were exposed to technology in every lesson but were not using their resources to the absolute greatest potential.  That said, they are using technology in incredible ways that any school would love to imitate.  My newfound knowledge of emerging technology and technology-supported instruction makes me realize how much more Birmingham Academy could be utilizing their resources.  As someone who would love to teach at this school one day (please, oh, please, oh, please) and has viewed this school as the crème de la crème of local private schools, I was surprised to find that there were areas of improvement.  To name a few, Birmingham Academy could easily incorporate the flipped classroom model, blogging, or digital badges and other gamification techniques.  My research did find, however, that Birmingham Academy has plans to purchase a 3-D printer to add to their STEM programs.    

Maturity Benchmark Survey: Birmingham Academy

Maturity Benchmark Analysis: Birmingham Academy


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