Plain 502 Page

Today, after some serious prep on codecademy (and lots of reading), my very first web page using Dreamweaver CC.  Since I received the invitation into the course last week, I have been working on codecademy to increase my knowledge of HTML and CSS.  It has been like learning a new language.  Easy to use in the classroom, yet hard to apply out of it.  When I first started my plain 502 page, I jumped into Dreamweaver to try and figure things out.  Bonehead move…  The instructional videos on the course page made it all so much easier than handwriting the code as I had learned it on codecademy.  Dreamweaver has so many cool functions that the assigned text’s explanation and activities do not do it justice.

Suffice to say, I feel like I have figured out how to succeed in EdTech 502 today.  The instructional videos are the key.  The questions on the pre-course survey got me thinking about the role of instructional videos in the classroom.  During EdTech 501, I researched flipped classrooms and digital badges, both of which utilized instructional videos as a key component for learning.  My experience today proved the importance of said videos in online or blended learning environments from the perspective of the learner.

I am excited about my new ability to code and build websites.  I think this skill will help me to create custom activities for my students as well as provide depth to my educational technology skill.  Who knows where coding can take me?  I am incredibly excited to find out!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.33.41 PM

Dreamweaver made HTML (and CSS) so easy! 🙂



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