EdTech 537: I’m a Blogger

Blogging has always been an exciting idea to me, but I have never had the push to do it.  I have felt like it would be something that I enjoyed but again had never made the leap.  Well, Jack, I’m flying.  This week, I began EdTech 537: Blogging in the Classroom by creating a blog (It’s Bloggin’ Time!!) on Edublogs and writing my first post.

We were given three different blogging platforms to choose from: WordPress, Blogger, and Edublogs.  Initially, I thought I would go with WordPress because I already have this learning log up and going, so I might as well go with what I know.  After reading a bit more about Edublogs though, I felt like it was something that I would actually use in my classroom, plus it was supported by WordPress.  (The best of both worlds??)

I began by naming my blog “The Hughes Blog” (boring…) and gradually shifting through a number of different names before settling on “It’s Bloggin’ Time!!”  Immediately after settling on this title, I told my husband about my blog and his first thought was that I had named it after The Fantastic Four‘s The Thing (It’s clobberin’ time!)  Nope.  I am not that cool, but I can pretend to be.  Anyway, creating my first entry and page in Edublogs was incredibly easy since it functions similarly to WordPress.  I am really excited about where this class is going to lead.  I want to use blogs in my English classroom to break up the monotony of a traditional writing curriculum.  Who knows what else I will come up with?!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.48.28 PM


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