EdTech 537: Links and List Entry

Finally, we are blogging! I have been excited about my blogging course since I registered for it. We have been building our blogs and creating some foundation, but now, we get to do the fun stuff. This week, in EdTech 537, we were assigned to create 3 blog posts. The first two posts were links and list entries. These entries were simple, yet fun to write.

For my links post, I focused on some exciting news in my life (I got a new job! Whoop!) and actually began constructing my blog around a theme. The post included links and annotations to tools that I would like to use in my new 7th grade English classroom. The tools outlined in the post included Nearpod, Twitter, WordPress, Remind, Plickers/Socrative, ReadWorks Digital, Edublog/Kidblog, and Google Drive. After posting, I was encouraged to see 4 comments quickly came in. Each with a positive perspective on my post and my blogging style.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.28.55 PM

Bloggety-blog-blog. I love to blog!

The list post actually took me longer than the links post did. I decided to use my list post to outline some ideas for books to teach next year and books to read to quite to develop myself as an English teacher. This post was remarkably similar to the links post less the annotations, yet I found myself wanting to add more commentary to my lists. Maybe I should have written my list post first. Oh well, hindsight. In the list post, I settled on 4 proposed books to teach next year, including To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders, A Day No Pig Would Die, and The Merchant of Venice.

I really enjoyed blogging the day away and hope to continue to have many more entry assignments that make me think more about my classroom as well as blogging in the classroom.


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