EdTech 543 – Experience and Expectations


I’m a naturally private person, so social media has always been a bit foreign to me. I know how to use it, but I do not utilize in my personal life like one might expect a 28-year-old Millennial to do. (I do love the hashtag though. It’s probably a side effect of being a middle school teacher.) Because I took a blogging course last summer that focuses on Twitter as a micro-blogging platform, my initial reactions to this course were far better than last summer. I just could not get in the mindset that Twitter was for anything but catty celebrities and showy people; however, after a summer of tweeting and a few e-mails with my professor, my opinion changed. Twitter, and other social media, are amazing communities for educators. There are so many opportunities for professional development, etc on these platforms; and even though my own school has not gotten on the “bandwagon” yet, I have hopes that my education and experience will bring some exciting, new opportunities to my students and co-workers.

As stated, my school is not too keen on using social media in the classroom. We continue to fight the good fight of no cell phones in class (#whyareyoustaringatyourcrotch #butmymomtextedme). However, I have been tasked this year with bringing our school into the age of social media with a school Instagram and Twitter. While these are not for instructional use, I think any progress is to be commended, and I have hopes that one day my students will have more freedom to use Twitter, Instagram, etc. for educational purposes.

My expectations and hopes for this course are to simply learn more about using social media with the objective of competently explaining the benefits to my administration. That said, I’d like to learn about the ways schools can protect its students while embracing social media as well as some practical ways to implement social media learning in my 7th grade English classroom.


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