EdTech 542 – PBL Week 2 Reflection

Initially, I was frustrated in my search because I found so many great project ideas, but the links were dead. Despite not being able to see the actual projects though, I got a pretty good idea of how my interests and curriculum relate to PBL. When I did find projects that I liked though, I had a hard time choosing which one was my favorite. Upon investigation, my favorite project ended up being just that – an extended project. The Odyssey Mosaic Retelling project lacked an authentic context to ground the project in real-world problems or settings. I figured out how to, perhaps, add some authenticity, but the idea of the project still sticks with me as something engaging for students.

I’m the “new kid on the block” at my school. I have never had to hand-score a gradebook or teach without projectors and laptops. My classroom environment is not usually quiet and consists of students talking (sometimes) more than I do. PBL would fit my teaching style; however, I have a “hover” tendency that can get in the way of relinquishing control. All things considered, I think my school and students would love PBL (certainly the end result), but the process might require some “pep talks” on all fronts.

635955657662926587-230315219_rocparentdotcomeAs a 7th-grade middle school teacher, I get the pleasure of teaching some AMAZING classics like The Outsiders and To Kill a Mockingbird. I would love to create some kind of connection between one or both of those novels and my project. I need to do a lot more brainstorming but something about stereotypes or judgment might tie the two together in a meaningful way for my age group.



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