EdTech 543 – Content Curation

For my content curation project, I focused on the “why” and “how” of implementing Breakout EDU in the classroom.

  1. Seek Specific, Current Content – Breakout EDU is a relatively new trend in education, so the majority of my sources were from 2015-2017 range. While there are a lot of articles about Breakout, I tried to focus specifically on what teachers need to know to implement this trend in their classrooms for the upcoming school year.
  2. Select Content with an Evaluative Eye – This curation topic is a little bit difficult to demonstrate, but while I was selecting content, I tried to cull based on information most important to implementing Breakout.
  3. Think Critically – To incorporate critical thinking, I tried to include multiple media forms and some questions in my insight to inspire viewers to interact with the curated content and seek more.
  4. Sort Content in a Meaningful Way – To sort my content, I decided on two key ideas – why and how – with my first focus on explaining why teachers should use Breakout EDU in their classrooms and then how they can do so.
  5. Arrange Collection in an Organized Manner – Based on my two key ideas, I arranged my content practically. Specifically for the “how” content, I arranged the basic information first, followed by supplies, and then creation.
  6. Editorialize to Ensure Sources are Credible – I included my insights to introduce viewers to the content and give them a gist of what they content included, its relevance, and reliability.
  7. Create a Meaningful Story Out of Your Content – Scoop.it was frustrating at first, then I found the editing features that allowed me to customize and upload images, titles, insights, and more. All of these things contributed to creating my “story.”
  8. Share Content in an Accessible Way – My content will be shared on my WordPress Learning Log, our 543 Facebook page, and my Twitter account.
  9. Invite Viewers to Join the Conversation – In my insights, I included some comments directed towards viewers to try and create a conversation or inspire a reaction to my curated list.

Overall, I think my curated content expresses exactly what I wanted it to – the “why” and “how” of implementing Breakout EDU. However, I think demonstrating an evaluative eye during my selection process might not be as strong as it should. I fear that some content is repetitive.


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