EdTech 542 – Week 7 Reflection

English naturally fits with some other disciplines and clashes with others. As a person that is not naturally gifted with numbers, I don’t know that I would ever be able to competently create an interdisciplinary project between middle school math and English; however, while I was watching the video about designing an interdisciplinary project, I had the idea of how my students could extend our current project by including history, geography, civics, etc.

Since we use two texts that demonstrate social and judicial injustices, we could take our documentaries “on the road.” Creating a road trip map of either current events that demonstrate similar injustices and planning a trip across the country to extend our mission of promoting inclusion and kindness. Additionally, I had a thought of using novels from other parts of the country (or world) to map our “road trip” instead. Just like we use The Outsiders and To Kill a Mockingbird, we can use novels like Port Chicago 50; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; and several others to study and guide our trip.

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