EdTech 542 – Week 8 Reflection

I’m a firm believer that if you want something done right, do it yourself. When it comes to my teaching style, I tend to go overboard on making things clear, accessible, and example-driven. Assuming the role of a facilitator – one that stands back and allows my students to make decisions, may be a little difficult for me because I never want a student to feel defeated or incapable. I will have to change my mindset to become a successful facilitator, and I will have to allow my students to fail a bit more. A successful facilitator empowers students to make their own decisions and to solve problems. He or she works with students to use original and creative thought as the basis of their solutions rather than pre-made or teacher-made suggestions.

If I am able to change my mindset and adapt my teaching methods to empower my students to be more independent, I think students will learn the core competencies of PBL (critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.) and the skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom. Independence is definitely something that I want my students to learn more of, and I feel that I do not always do the best job at requiring it. Therefore, utilizing PBL more in my classroom has the potential to make the skill more of a reality.  


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