EdTech 542 – Week 9 Reflection

The most important people to include in the debrief after the viewing party are my students. I want to know what they learned and how to make the project better as well how we can expand the project’s purpose and audience. While I’d also like to know the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of my fellow teachers and administers, my students will have the most insight on the process, product, and purpose.

The debrief process will probably be informal. At that point, I’m sure students would be tired of paperwork, forms, and rubrics, so a simple discussion between teacher and students will suffice. I’ve never had a group of students that was not willing to critique something, so I do not fear that there will be silence or a lack of input.

I think the debrief will be just a one-time thing unless I awake in the middle of the night with more questions. Devoting the entire day following the viewing party to debriefing and discussing the possibilities of the project is plenty of time. However, one thing that I could do following the debrief is to have each student write a reflective discussion post or film a reflective vlog entry. Overall though, I do not think extending the process is incredibly beneficial. At that point, we would have worked for several weeks and reflected as a class on how to succeed during each section of the project.

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