EdTech 542 – Final Reflection

Michelle Hughes’s PBL Website: https://sites.google.com/u.boisestate.edu/michellehughespbl/welcome

In the beginning, I was not sure what Project-Based Learning was. My understanding was very limited. I only knew what I had read on Pinterest or through various Edutopia articles. Now, I feel that I have working knowledge of PBL and its purpose. PBL achieves something greater in the classroom than most learning/teaching methods. It teaches skills that teachers otherwise struggle to teach, and it produces products that demonstrate student knowledge on a professional, purpose-driven scale.

Honestly, I had no idea what I would learn or do in this course. It was a part of my certificate, so I registered for it; however, I greatly enjoyed producing my project website and planning the final product. In particular, I enjoyed creating something that I can use in my current classroom. I have the had the pleasure of creating something practical in only a few of my classes, so for that reason, I feel like I did learn something quite valuable to my professional development.

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