EdTech 543 – Final Reflection

To say that EdTech 543 was not what I expected is an understatement because I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of a social networking class. I feel like this class has given me a better understanding of social media as it fits in the classroom but more so, how it fits in my students’ lives. The module on digital footprints, in particular, helped me to think about my personal and professional footprint in a new way. Instead of seeking to minimize, I should really be seeking to enhance it and broadcast my successes. As a professional lesson, that module was eye-opening, but it had a real-life application for my classroom as well. Students need to consider early in their digital lives that all they do and say online can have a real impact, particularly with things like college and job applications.

I quite unexpectedly enjoyed and learned a lot from the live PD opportunities that I participated in. Usually, I’m one of those people on the “fringe” that looks more than participates; however, I really enjoyed participating. The Twitter chats that I attended were engaging and left me with a positive feeling about professional development through social networks. I hope to participate in more live online PD opportunities, be they webinars or Twitter chats, in the future.

I did not have much experience with blogging until I began this program at Boise State, but since then, I have truly enjoyed the format and sharing/connecting opportunities. In this class, I think I have done really well on my blog. Some posts are shorter than others, but I believe that my posts have been professional, insightful, and reflective. Overall, I am not sure where to deduct points and discuss areas of improvement, so I would give myself a 75 out of 75 on this assignment.

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