EdTech 513: Haiku Deck

Independent Reading – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haiku Deck is a resource that I have known about for awhile but had not invested any time into utilizing. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity in this class. My Haiku Deck artifact is an introductory presentation to my independent reading program. I began this program last year and realized that I needed some kind of presentation introducing all its details and need-to-knows to my students and their parents. This is a presentation that I can use during the first week of school, at back-to-school night, and as an embedded reminder on my classroom website.

This presentation software is such a fun change from the traditional PowerPoint format. In my middle school computer class this year, I can use Haiku Deck to help students create simple presentations that are not overloaded with text or misused images. It will be great for my digital citizenship lessons or as just a simple presentation about themselves.

My Haiku Deck artifact demonstrates multimedia and contiguity principles in how I used images to complement the text. Haiku Deck made it very easy to create a simple, straightforward presentation that focused on the purpose of the presentation rather than extraneous design. As for contiguity, my text and images work together to relay meaning. They are not separate but function as one.

AECT content standards 3.1 and 3.2 focus on artifacts that create and utilize instructional designs resources while making professionally sound decisions. My Haiku Deck artifact employs both of these standards as it uses the multimedia and contiguity principles to create an instructional product and utilizes an appropriate resource to provide optimal learning conditions. This artifact is clear and concise, as it demonstrates its purpose free of distractions.

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