EdTech 513: Sketchnote


For this Sketchnote, I used the Adobe Sketch app to express the basics of the Multimedia Principle and the different types of graphics. This assignment was difficult for me in general. As someone that has no artistic ability and as a perfectionist, it was hard for me to create and “step away” from my artifact. It is nowhere near my normal level of work; however, I do think it demonstrates my purpose and my ability to create instructional design products/utilize appropriate resources and processes (as detailed in AECT Content Standards 3.1 & 3.2).

I learned that sketchnoting is an interesting and creative method of relaying understanding that many of my students would enjoy. This year, I’ll be teaching a middle school computer class, and I think that my students would enjoy the possibilities of sketchnoting as an assessment, a study tool, and a creative platform.

Finally, my Sketchnote artifact demonstrates that I can make professionally sound decisions to select appropriate resources, the Adobe Sketch app, and to create an instructional design product. I looked into several other applications, but this one seemed to be the best blank canvas that I could choose. It was simple, yet detailed enough for me to create to the best of my ability.

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