EdTech 513: Collaborative Google Slides Presentation

This artifact is a narrated Google Slides presentation with basic information and examples of the modality and redundancy principles. I felt like I understood the principles well enough after reading chapters six and seven, but I can say that I truly understand these two principles now. Collaborative assignments have their drawbacks, but I can always say that I come away with a better understanding of the content because of my collaboration with others. This assignment definitely supported that. My group members were easy to work with and very communicative.

In our presentation, we focused very hard on demonstrating the principles that we were explaining. To be specific, most – if not all – of our content is in graphic form with narration to explain. In fact, the only onscreen text that we included was in the bad example.

The Google Suite is one of my favorite tools to use both in the classroom and outside of it. That said, I’m absolutely in love with the Hippo Video extension. In the past, I have used Screencastify and Screencast-o-Matic but have been unimpressed and sometimes even frustrated with their function and capability. Hippo was incredibly easy to use and even easier to upload to YouTube.

In this artifact, my group and I collaborated to create an instructional design product that explains and exemplifies two multimedia strategies. In addition, we had to make professionally sound decisions in selecting our method of delivery, the graphics, and the appropriate narration. As such, this artifact demonstrates AECT Content Standards 3.1-3.2 and 4.1.

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