EdTech 513: Coherence Analysis

The Coherence Principle is something that I can definitely apply in my classroom right now. After reading chapter nine, I realized that I often include extraneous material in my presentations to try to create engagement, encourage attention, or add extra material. The Coherence Principle recommends keeping things simple and avoiding extra elements/information that do not directly aid the key learning goals.

To apply this principle now, I can simplify my instructional presentations, specifically my introductory presentations that I use to teach and/or review fundamentals at the beginning of school. I’m going to focus, in particular, on minimizing on-screen text which overloads a slide with a lot of words.

In the artifact, I explained the principle as well as a successful and unsuccessful utilization of the principle in accordance with AECT 1.3. AECT Content Standard 1.3 instructs candidates to assess and evaluate the effective integration of appropriate technologies and instructional materials. This artifact demonstrates my ability to locate and evaluate a resources effectiveness according to the Coherence Principle.

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