EdTech 513: Digital Story


The Personalization Principle makes total sense! However, as I was writing my script and planning this assignment, I realized how hard it is for me to break my formal style. Using an informal, conversational tone defies all of my educational training. That being said, the idea of how we present information – down to the selection of what pronouns to use – affecting our students’ level of engagement shows the importance of the Personalization Principle. The most interesting piece of research that I found in reading this chapter came from the idea that people focus harder to learn and understand by interacting in a conversation. After reflecting on that research though, I realized just how true it was. Especially given the social nature of our current generation of students, the Personalization Principle is incredibly relevant.

I enjoyed working with Adobe Spark Video. It was easy to use, especially become of all the free images that were available. The narration seemed like it was going to come out wrong at first, but when I played it all together, things worked. Given how easy this tool is, I can definitely see my students using it. The example in Moodle of the book report really inspired me. I have been looking for a new, engaging way of upgrading my student reports. They love making movie trailers, so using this tool might be the answer I’ve been searching for.

AECT Content Standards 3.1 and 3.2 asks candidates to create and use instructional materials according to learning principles. This digital story demonstrates not only that I can create an exciting artifact, but that I can do so by utilizing an engaging tool. This artifact utilizes all the principles that I have learned in this course, as I specifically included only images and narration to ensure the best possible learning outcome. In addition, AECT Standard 3.2 emphasizes making professionally sound decisions. In this artifact, I made the decision to use free images along with relevant narration. This decision shows that I can use what I have learned in the EdTech program to create appropriate artifacts.

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