EdTech 513: Worked Example

I have to admit that this assignment scared me at first. The Hippo Video extension made it so easy though. In the past, making videos and screencasts have been a headache because the platforms were frustrating and then uploading to YouTube took forever. The Hippo extension fits so seamlessly with Google Slides and YouTube. It is honestly a game-changer for me.

My Worked Example came out better than I thought. After a summer off, I found that I  actually enjoyed myself as I was teaching this lesson. The Segmenting and Pretraining Principles were things that I did not know I was already doing but after reading about them in chapters 10 and 11, I was happy to find out that I was. Working with middle schoolers requires me to break things down into little steps and to constantly reiterate/review those steps. One thing that I know I will work on doing though is focusing more on the Pretraining Principle. I need to build background knowledge a bit more, particularly in my grammar instruction.

AECT Content Standards 3.1 and 3.2 focus on creating and using instructional products. For this artifact, I created a Google Slides presentation that utilized the Segmenting and Pretraining Principles, along with other Multimedia Principles learned in this course. In addition, I created a screencast with audio narration for my Worked Example. This artifact shows that not only can I apply the principles learned in EdTech 513 but that I can create professional, instructional products using multiple technologies.

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