About Me


My husband ZA and I at a friend’s wedding.

My name is Michelle Hughes. I live in Hoover, Alabama (a suburb of Birmingham) with my husband ZA (yes, that’s his real name) and adorable puppy Sully. We have been married for 4 years in July and have moved 3 times in those 4 years.  Words cannot express how excited I am to be settled in one place for awhile.  My interests include teaching, reading, gardening, traveling, watching movies (and lots of DVR), and spending time at our family lake house.

My background is in Secondary English Language Arts Education, and I taught 10th grade English at Russell County High School for two years.  Following a move, I transitioned into online teaching with Dr. Lan Academy and the University of Mississippi High School.  I teach 3 English electives with the University of Mississippi High School and work as a curriculum designer for Dr. Lan Academy.  Each online institution has broadened my understanding of education (its limitations and limitlessness) and inspired my interest in educational technology as it relates to classroom technology integration and school coordination.


My mother and I in Venice, Italy. A trip full of wine, gelato, and pizza (plus a few pounds to lose when we got back).

I chose the Boise State University M.E.T. program to amplify my teaching ability and to increase my understanding of classroom technology.  Through this program, I hope to gain practical experience with relevant skills that I can easily take back to my classroom and enhance my students learning ability as well as prepare them for the great technology trends of tomorrow.